Monday, December 10, 2012


Hello! Finally some update for my blog. Daddy mommy went singapore yesterday and i miss them so much! Can't live without them heehee. Since mommy not here so brother gonna take care of us! Wonder what for dinner tonight!

Planned to go out with my girls today but end up only melody, elle and me can make it. Quite sad but its okay lah we still got alot chances what. Midnight chat with them keep deciding what should we do today. Almost cancel today's outing but someone want help me liao shang. Hahahah so sweet.

Karaoke with them jz now @ Neway.


 Pics with dy-dy ,

Pics with elle ,

Sing k session started from 1pm-4pm. So tired cos we keep shouting! Danced Oh, Gee, Hoot hahahaha. Damn high jz nw!  

And now im so tired!! Gonna sleep earlier tonight. Panda eyes are getting worse! 

 Thanks for making my day. I'll be alright soon dont worry ♥

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