Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Universal Studio

Hello, im back ! Stop blogging since January cause i want to focus on my studies. So, elle steph and I are going art stream next year. Sab, jen and melody going science stream. Bye bye sab, will miss you my seat mate! And the reasons why i choose art stream is my maths suckkk! Im sure that im alone next yr cos lots of them are going science stream. Sad case

Okay, gonna blog about my trip to universal studio @ singapore today. It's been quite a long time so i can't really remember. So just let the pictures do the talking. 

Love the castle behind !!
 We got one express ticket and one normal one. So we don't have to wait for the long long queue.
Breakfast @ The coffee bean
 Little boy with my cap.
Too big for my head ! 

Ignore my face. But i think cs looks good here idk y.

 "Welcome to Far Far Away"

 Kyle took this when we're riding a rollercoaster in Far Far Away .
 So pretty!!! I wanna stay here!! 
Little boy with fairy godmother potion bottle 

The revenge of mummy ride was so fun! Must try!

 Damn yummy!! 

Went back to hotel around 4pm. Tiring but fun. After having dinner, we took MRT to clarke quay. Singapore's MRT is so convenient! 

 Out of focus -

Thats all for today! Enjoy! :)