Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bkk trip day two

Time to blog about bkk trip day two!
Woke up pretty early that day. After breakfast then headed to chatuchak weekend market! Its so crowded there. Not in shopping mood cause its too hot! 


 mrt to mo chit

 Mango lady hahahaha 
 Went platinum mall aft that. Another shopping day

Hunted quite alot pretty clothes at there. Yay love this shopping heaven.

After 4 hours shopping, we took tuk-tuk back to our hotel. Great experience but its very dangerous. No more next time haha! 
The funny guy asked how much we want to pay, my brother said 5 baht. Hahaha means RM0.50! But we just joking lah. 

Went Terminal 21 to settle our dinner again!
Thats how i spent my day 2 in bkk. Whole day shopping so didnt take alot pix!

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