Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bkk trip day one

Hello, im here to post bout my bkk trip. 21st - 25th december! Feeling pretty excited cause i've heard many things bout bkk. food, platinum mall, central world and more. Anyway, i did enjoyed this trip. ☺

 Watched First Time on da plane. Angelababy is loved ♥

Finally reached bkk. 
 Taxi to fusion suites hotel .

 Checking in .

After that, walked to terminal one! The mall is very near our hotel so we just walk there. Used mom's slingbag because i got nothing to put except $$ and phone. Shopping time! ☺

 Love this mall cause every floor also different theme. Rome, paris, instabul, tokyo, san fransico and more. Decorations are all so pretty!


Sad face while waiting for mama and me.
 Didn't take many pictures cause busy shopping! Had dinner at a random thai restaurant. All of us luv thai food <3 Forgot to take pics of our food !!!

 Out of focus why why why!
 Exhausted face.
Went back our hotel //

Goodbye! ☺

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