Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bkk trip day three

Day 3, One day trip ☺
Checked in another hotel after breakfast, Centara Grand Hotel. Love thiz hotel cause its vry near Central world, big C, platinum mall. But that place was really jam. 
Visited Grand Palace & more .



 Lobby @ 23rd floor.
 My pretty mama ☺
Hotel room ☺

 Gained weight !

Hahaha have to wear like that cause the temple is a sacred place. No short pants, skirt, sleeveless top allow. Im wearing skit that day lol. I looked so 'thai'.

 Colourful one so niceee! 

 Hard to walk *sadface*
 My mom and I.

 Tourist spot. Damn crowded! 

Headed for rakland for lunch ☺

Deco danm nice right. ☺

Seriously i luv thai food so much .

 My fav! Fish cake ☺
 Also ma fav! Tom yam

Crocodiles show aft lunch, all of them were so brave!!!!!! 

Hi cute tiger ☺

Mango juice!